Are Popsicles the New Cupcakes?

Are popsicles the new cupcakes? It sure seems that way.

A few years back, Magnolia bakery in NYC started a cupcake trend that spread across North America: today you can find cupcake shops in most major cities.

Now popsicles seem to be the new hot (or cool) thing in the Big Apple.

A post on iVillage Food gives the lowdown on where to get the best popsicles in town.

People's Pops sells at markets and focuses on fresh and local ingredients. Sounds like my kinda dessert. Even Martha's a fan.

Where do the flavor ideas come from? D: We go to the GreenMarket each week and try to build flavors around the best produce that the farmers brought to market that week.
~Interview with on People's Pops on Gothamist

La Newyorkina's mission is to "Bring modern Mexican ice pops to the streets of New York". I'd love to try their Aguacate (Avocado), Jamaica (Hibiscus) or Mango con Chile (Spicy Mango) flavours.

PopBar (pictured above) is packed with a whole lotta style. You can choose from a dazzling array of taste combos: gelato, sorbetto or frozen yogurt, topped with all kinds of things like pistachios, coconut or biscotti crumbles, and sometimes also dipped in chocolate You can even make up your own combo. Yum!

So... how exactly how long is it until this trend hits Vancouver?? :)

Holly  – (July 13, 2010)  

Thanks to tipping me off to the popsicle trend! That photo of the popsicle bar is incredible and it definitely makes me want someone to start a popsicle stand here in Vancouver!

Kirsten  – (July 13, 2010)  

I was really hoping a gourmet popsicle stand would be one of the food vendors to win the city's lottery.

I've been making super yum popsicles here at home - I'm going to try making some with coconut milk next.

Siobhan  – (July 14, 2010)  

Just a matter of time... (she says hopefully!)

Coconut milk pops sound good... I need to make a home batch this weekend. I'm thinking yogurt-mango to start.

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