Josef Frank

"The home does not have to be planned out in detail, just put together by pieces its inhabitants love."
- Josef Frank (via
Google's all dressed up today, to celebrate the125th birthday of Josef Frank, an Austrian/Swedish architect and designer of furniture and textiles.

Google homepage on July 15, 2010

I don't know much about Josef Frank (and his Wikipedia entry is pretty limited), but I like what I see. Reconfirming that I have a weakness for eccentric Scandinavian fabric design...

"Brazil" pattern on the walls (1943-45)

"Terrazzo" Fabric (1944)

"Green Birds" fabric (1944)

I also like what I read about Frank -- this is from
Josef Frank's, life could be wonderfully characterized as on always in motion. Moving with ease from architecture and furniture design to glassware, lighting and metalwork--his was an eclecticism fueled by curiosity. and nothing captures this roaming imagination better than his textiles...celebratory and vibrant, they redefined Swedish modernism.
Read more about Joseph Frank on Huffington Post and Hoo-Hoo House - and  see some more images on Apartment Therapy, Bonluxat and Swedish site Svenskttenn, as well as Google Images.

Anonymous –   – (March 26, 2012)  

Is there a place to purchase this fabric in Canada???

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