4 Fabric Camera Strap DIY Tutorials

A cute fabric camera strap has long been on my List of Things I'd Like to Make. This week, I came across two new tutorials online that have reminded me of this project and maybe bumped it up a few notches on the list. No matter how many projects I do, this list just never gets shorter...

This is the classic strap one I'd been thinking of making...

Fabric Camera Strap - Tutorial by Make Something

This one has the added benefit of having a lens cap pocket. Clever!

Camera Strap Cover with Lens Cap Pocket- Tutorial by Little Big Girl Studio

This tutorial for a shorter strap caught my attention, as it's definitely how I prefer to hold my DLSR, usually with the long strap all curled up around my wrist a kazillion times...

Wristlet Camera Strap - Tutorial by Being Geek Chic

And last, but not least, this one is also awfully cute... Perhaps for fancy dress occasions?

Scarf Camera Strap - Tutorial by Photojojo

ArianeK  – (February 04, 2012)  

Ack! You've added something to *my* list! I love the one with the camera pocket, but they're all great. And the wristlet gets bonus points for using a Lotta Jansdotter fabric I've been coveting...

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