i scream, the end

They say that good things come in threes. Well, in this case, bad things came in threes - and good finally dragged its sorry self out of bed for four.

Yesterday I had a stressful day at work, then came home to no internet connection and a cranky sewing machine. After wrestling with the tension (both mine and the machine's) for a while, I gave up and watched Martha Stewart, The Apprentice instead. It's hilarious that on Trump's Apprentice he gives amazing rewards to the winning team - fancy dinners, exclusive events and the like - whereas Martha's big reward is going horseback riding and playing scrabble with her on her porch. And boy, was Martha ever pysched about playing scrabble.

Anyway, today went much better. I discovered my sewing machine does not like T1 thread, but T4 (which I was using beforehand) is OK, so I just changed the plan and used that instead. Now I have a happy little stack of cards. Christmas won't be cancelled after all.

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