that snowsuit sound

This weekend I saw something and I wish I had my camera. A bicycle in a winter coat!

Ok, so the bike wasn't actually wearing a winter coat. But there was a bike, locked up and waiting on the sidewalk, wearing little sleeves from a winter coat on its handlebars. A puffy winter coat, like the kind that you wear when you're little and it comes with matching snowpants. The mini-sleeves were attached to the handles with the wrist-sections fastened to the handlebars and the sleeve-openings pointing toward where your arms would be when you're riding. Like, someone had cut off the cuffs from their coat and left them there, outside, with the bike. And when they hopped on their bike again, their hands would be toasty warm, because their bike is also wearing a coat.

Is this a completely normal, established product in the biking world that I am simply unaware of? I tried googling "bike winter coat," "bicycle cuffs", "bike hand warmers," "snowsuit for your bike" and other such things - but to no avail.

In any case, it was insanely cute and taught me (again) to always bring my camera with me. Constant vigilance!

Anonymous –   – (November 05, 2006)  

Ha! I found you're blog by Googling the same key words. I live in the US, but when I lived in Japan for a short while I fell in love with a similar thing. They aren't as cute as you what you describe - but very functional. They are black pleather on the outside and green plush on the inside - they attach using a string-tie and a snap. Only older women use them, they are not cool at all! So of course I bought some and use them on my 1960's Sears bike here and everyone freaks out when they see them. I'll take photos later and send them to you!

John R

Lindsay  – (November 05, 2006)  

Ha! I haven't seen any bike snowsuits since that one last year - I'm glad they do exist, even if just in Japan - and now Atlanta! :) Yes, please send over a photo - our email is magpieandcake (at) yahoodotcom

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