Christmas in January

Since she's so modest, I - Siobhan - want to show off the mad knitting skillz of my fellow magpie & caker, Lindsay. Look what she crafted up for my xmas present! So pretty! Ahh, this girl's talented with the needles, that's for sure.

Just this weekend I was pondering what her knitting secret is. I was knitting - or trying to knit - but things kept not working out, so after unravelling and restarting oh, say 152 times, I reverted back to the ol' K1 P1... Maybe I get distracted and lose count with the fancy pants stitches? I feel like if I could figure out why patterns knit up the way they do, it would be much easier. The good news is that in a couple of weeks, I'll be in Toronto with Lindsay, so I can learn from the master! And the even better news is that I am lucky enough to benefit from Lindsay's knit-attacks. Thanks, Lindsay!

Lindsay  – (January 17, 2006)  

Siobhan! You're so sweet! Thanks so much! If you really want to knit while we're in Toronto, I'll do what I can to help! And hey, that scarf looks super hot on you! (Where'd you get that pink shirt?!)

Lindsay  – (January 17, 2006)  

Dy-na-mite! (That's where I got the shirt.) Hey, are you going to post the progress of your quilt?


Alice  – (January 19, 2006)  

Here here! Linds, you are a super duper knitter and I doubt I'll ever even get to the point where I could fathom myself knitting something like that scarf. And Siobhan, you look *dynamite* in that picture! ;)

Alice  – (January 19, 2006)  

I mean, "hear, hear."
In other words, "hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!" :)

Lindsay  – (January 19, 2006)  

I wish you'd say "hear, hear" the long way all the time. ;)


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