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Tomorrow's my first Industrial Design class - all day Saturday for 3 weeks. Exciting! This course has the best "required supplies" list - the last item is "a piece of unfamiliar fruit (for dissection and discovery)". It was surprisingly hard to find something at this time of year - I went to 2 supermarkets, a fruit & veggie market and 2 Korean groceries before I found even a pomegranate. Where are all the crazy unidentifiable fruits when you need them?

Anonymous –   – (January 14, 2006)  

you need a fruitique!
i was there yesterday, and saw every kind of fruit imaginable. i think my favourite is the dragon fruit. it's quite pretty. oh, and some sort of berry that looked like a rubbery spur.

Anonymous –   – (January 14, 2006)  

A frutique in exotic Halifax?! Impressive! Someone in class had a dragon fruit today. Definitely a contender for the most beautiful fruit; it's fascinating and so flamboyant. Actually, it matched the sweater I was wearing - bright pink with a little red and bright green trim. Heh.

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