iPod gets into your pants

Levi's has announced that they are creating the first iPod compatible jeans.

Coming in Fall 2006, the Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans will "seamlessly integrate iPod plug and play technology" into the pants. Which means the jeans have an "invisible" pocket for the iPod, a joystick in the pocket and retractable headphones built in - plus a "crisp white leather patch" and "clean minimalist buttons and rivets" which "allude to the iPod's famously pure design". Uh huh.

Unfortunately, Levi's hasn't released any photos of the jeans yet.

To me, this just seems ridiculous. Why would you need special pants to listen to music? Why would you want that?

And why would I want a bright white leather patch on my jeans? What they really should be doing is making white all-leather pants with some headphones attached. Now that would be rock n' roll.

Lindsay  – (January 13, 2006)  

I know! I saw an article about these pants and went "PFFT". What a ridiculous idea. There's also an article floating around out there about how design (as an art, really) is having a problem b/c of the massive amount of copying going on - many companies, instead of making something original/unique, are aiming to get their stuff as close to Apple stuff as possible. Apparently, even pants are doing it now.

Anonymous –   – (March 07, 2006)  

Hey, you should check a much cooler iPod accessory that has to do with your name rather than just boring jeans.

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