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Today feels like a lazy day - no work (hooray!) and nothing scheduled except having coffee with an out-of-town friend later this afternoon. I almost slipped into doing absolutely nothing today, save for playing on the internet and watching tv, were it not for a thought I had yesterday afternoon.

"I wonder if I could make a little sewing machine out of felt?" I thought.

Well, what do you know - I can!

I think she needs a name - any suggestions?

Anonymous –   – (January 03, 2006)  

i'm a fan of the name bertha, for some reason.

if you made more little felt machines, you could easily sell them online and at fairs! there's a lot of plush out there, but i have never seen a plush sewing machine before.

Anonymous –   – (January 03, 2006)  

I really like her posed next to the big sewing machine. I propose the name Bright. I've been re-reading Laura Ingalls Wilder. See The Banks of Plum Creek.

Anonymous –   – (January 06, 2006)  

In keeping with the B names, I will recommend Belinda, as in Carlisle not Stronach.

P.S. I spy with my little eye something that is Reconstruction Site.

Anonymous –   – (January 06, 2006)  

Wow, h, you have eagle eyes! Reconstruction Site it is.

My other (working, non-green) sewing machine actually has a Reconstruction Site sticker on it, too.

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