a visit from the domesticity fairy

I have just unpacked from my xmas vacation - only twelve days after I arrived home.

OK, that's not entirely true. After Day 3, I took everything out of my suitcase and placed it in a large heap against the wall. I then proceeded to give that pile function by adding my dirty clothes to it for the next week or so. Well, tonight that all came to an end - and I was rewarded for my efforts by the Domesticity Fairy. Because - get this - not only did I unpack, I also did my laundry. And, there's more.

While waiting for my laundry to, um, launder, I decided to finish organizing my craft closet. Yes that's right, my jealous friends, I have a craft closet. This is certainly one of the best features of my new apartment - that, plus the pantry and the mini-balcony. Oh, and the fact that I have windows in my bedroom, that's nice too.

Anyway, by the time I had finsihed sorting and labelling all my supplies, my laundry was ready. As I was just about to take my laundry out of the dryer, I wondered where the lint trap was. The machines are kind of industrial so it wasn't in the obvious place. Eventually, I spotted it - it was under a flap on the top of the dryer. So I pulled the huge lint trap out - I swear it was almost two feet long - and cleaned it, then did the other dryer's, too. I think most people must be unaware of the secret location of the lint trap, cause it sure was linty.

And the point of this story? Well, when I opened the dryer to take out my clothes, there was a loonie perched right on the lip of the dryer door. A little token of thanks from the Domesticity Fairy for performing good domestic deeds.

I guess this means I now have to put my clean clothes away - and not just leave them in a heap against the wall for a couple of weeks. Darn.

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