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Bigger is better today here on Magpie & Cake. Or at least more time-consuming.

Joanna Lopianowski-Robert took recreated the Sistine Chapel in cross-stitch. 40" x 80". 628,296 stitches, 1,809 different color combinations. 10 years. Here's a photo of the whole piece (note: large file), plus a book (with instructions) in case you're looking for a hobby for the next 10 years of your life.

Charley Friedman latch-hooked an entire globe that measures 6 feet in diametre. Also worth checking out on this site (even though it's not giant) is Friedman's lobster clock - it really works!

Plus, I am almost done my own supersized craft project. It hasn't taken me 10 years (thank goodness!) but it has swallowed up my bedroom floor (and desk - with occasional sprawl to the kitchen table) for the last few weeks. More on that soon!

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