judge a cd by its cover

Neko Case has a new album out today. She has a great voice and I've heard so many good reviews of her music, but I have yet to buy one of her albums. Until now.

Why? Well, I'd like to say it's because of artistic synergy, but it's more likely due to clever target marketing. Or both.

The thing is, Neko Case's new album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (love the title!), features artwork by the brilliant Julie Morstad. I went to her show at Atelier Gallery in Vancouver not too long ago, and loved it. Her art is delicate, enchanted and eerie. Little girls with hooved feet play with piles decapitated heads. A girl with overgrown, hairy, spidery arms sulks under a quilt in bed. A rabbit hands a girl with straw feet her arms, which have fallen off. Julie Morstad lulls you to sleep with gorgeous bedtime stories about the monsters hiding under your bed.

Now her art's on the cover of Neko Case's album - so I want to buy it. This has happened to me before - when Marcel Dzama did the cover for The Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site just before he got so popular and started making action figures. (Ok, I think that's pretty rad, too.) I love The Weakerthans and I love Marcel Dzama - how perfect could it be?

See more of Julie Morstad's art here.

Anonymous –   – (March 07, 2006)  

The neko case cover is lovely, I haven't seen it yet. I also love Marcel Dzama, I think he did the cover of a beck cd recently as well? Nice to see an artist that I like doing so well!

Lindsay  – (March 07, 2006)  

Hey, I just played that Neko Case album this morning on the show! The CD itself is lovely, too - bright blue with a fox on it.

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