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A couple of weeks ago, I signed up at I'm always keeping track of things I want to do - from Buying Groceries to Deciding What To Do With My Life. There's always something new to add to the list. So I figured 43 Things would be a good way to keep track of a segment of the things I want to learn and accomplish.

Then I watched Love That Boy. This movie should be required watching for anyone who's ever said "I'll put that on the list". It's a beautiful film, both in terms of the story (quirky and cute: my fave) and visually - I love the colours and aesthetics of the film. (There are so many Canadian movies that treat colour amazingly. Hmm, I should start of list of them...)

It's all about Phoebe, a girl who wants to accomplish so much before she graduates from university. Her To Do List covers everything from reading the Old Testament to sewing a grad dress; from finding a boyfriend to spinning wool and knitting a sweater. There's an awful lot of craft on the list, which is probably a reason why I liked the movie so much. I know I'm not quite as obsessive and accomplishment-hungry as Phoebe, but I certainly relate to her desire to do, learn and try it all.

After watching Love That Boy, I'm still planning to persist with my 43 Things list - as well as the many other lists that I maintain.

What about you? Are you already 43-Things-ing? Share your list.

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