knit a naughty nautiloid (try say that 5 times fast)

The Spring issue of Knitty is out, and the best thing in it is prehistoric.

Here's a pattern to knit nautiloids - fossils from the early Palaeozoic era.

Crafty, cute and oh so geological!

Lindsay  – (April 12, 2006)  

Yeah, those were the things I liked best, too! Unfortunately the rest of this issue of Knitty is pretty, well, ugly. Too bad.

Alice  – (April 13, 2006)  

Ah, come on, the Topi is cute too!

Alice  – (April 13, 2006)  

And don't you think that the leg showing off "Hedera" looks like a skinny black walking stick??! Honestly, I didn't realize at first what it was...I was thinking to myself, "What?! A sock for a stick???"

Lindsay  – (April 19, 2006)  

That leg scared me so much! It DOES look like a stick! I thought something along the lines of "sock for a stick?!" too. Hehehhe.

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