happy pumpkin day!

Last night I had an amazing take-out meal of Thai red curry with pumpkin and tofu... and now I’ve got a craving for more pumpkin recipes. Here are some delicious Hallowe’eny recipes that highlight everyone’s favourite orange veg: the great pumpkin. I haven’t tried to make any of them yet, but they’re on my list.

Do you have any favourite pumpkin recipes to share?

P.S. You must check out The Lunchbox of the Damned for one of the scariest (and best) bento boxes ever. Complete with mummy-calzone, shrunken heads and a bucket of blood! Mmmmmm…mmmwhahahaaa…

Anonymous –   – (November 01, 2006)  

This year for thanksgiving, I made pesto using toasted pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts and incorporated most of the pumpkin meat into a batch of gnocchi (had to compensate for the extra moisture with extra flour), tossed it all together and served it in the hollowed out pumpkin shell.

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