What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Thirteen

As much as I adore it, I recognize that Hallowe'en is really a day for children. (I would hasten to add "and the young at heart" as well as "and the crafty.") So how about this for a costume idea - recreate a costume you had as a youngster. (For example, when I was about seven, I was a Care Bear. I loved the feeling of being encased in "fur" and of having ears and a little tail.)

Or, if you don't like being wrapped in that fake fur fabric, you can use cardboard, glue, and yellow paint. Costume Idea #13: Nostalgia! I mean, Pacman! I like the idea of this guy being the same thing at ages 6 and 29, especially when it's already such a good costume idea.

[This is a day early because, for the first time ever, Siobhan and I posted at exactly the same time!]

Lindsay  – (October 12, 2006)  

Your Rainbow Brite costume was stellar, too, Linds! Time for a comeback, maybe?

Alexandra  – (October 16, 2006)  

Alice and I were just talking last night about very similar costumes: we dressed up at about ages 8 & 10 as Mr. Strong and Mr. Rush. Hurray for the clean, but effective simplicity of a cardboard box and some paint!

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