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I have WAY too many books to read right now. I recently had to take all the books out of my massive bookshelf in order to move it over to make room for the new couch, so I took the opportunity to reorganize my books. I tried to put all the "to read" books in the smaller shelf in my room, but there are too many, so I had to leave the "to read in the more-distant future" books in the livingroom. Plus, I have a few books out of the library which need my immediate attention. And I have some books I have to read for work. Oh, and magazines - lots of those to catch up on, too. I'm not complaining; I love having lots of good reading to look foward to. I'm just glad I'm not moving anytime soon - my books weigh a ton.

In honour of all this reading, here are some crafty amusements for you that have to do with books...

Also - not necessarily crafty (though it could be if you so chose!) - the Guardian is asking readers how they arrange their bookshelves. Do you arrange by author? By subject matter? By genre? Or - and here's where you could get crafty - by size or by colour?

Anonymous –   – (November 24, 2006)  

I know what you mean, my bookshelf is filled to the brim, specially with books that have not yet been read - aka the one I can't give away or sort out but have to read - some day!

Thanks for the links too, so fun!

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