I wish this was my cupboard.

It makes me sad when I'm shopping for friends who are getting married and on their registries, they have all-white dishes. Part of me is suitably impressed at how sensible they are being, but most of me is thinking, "Really? ALL white? That's just not for me."

And! I have a longstanding crush on this jewlery (especially cotton candy, joy, and tropical... the more colour the better).

And! Did you know that people sometimes put a little scoop of vanilla ice cream in espresso? What a delicious idea.

Siobhan  – (November 14, 2006)  

I agree about the coloured dishes thing. If I bought all the pottery and ceramics I liked (which I don't, as I'd be broke and living in a cardboard box with all my pottery), I'd have a rainbow to set the table with.

I went to the exact same 3 necklaces. Really colour schemes. We really should learn how to make necklaces...

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