make dinner like a chef

Yesterday I was listening to a program on CBCradio where a chef was being interviewed. Among the topics touched on was her impressive ability to make a great meal from whatever bits and pieces she had available. The host praised this ability as the mark of a true chef. Well, thanks to Cookin' With Google, now you can be a true chef. Just type in the ingredients you have sitting around, and it'll use the Google search engine to find recipies that correspond. There's even a pulldown menu of dietary restrictions, including vegan, gluten-free, and diabetic.

Rihanna Rose  – (November 04, 2006)  


Anonymous –   – (November 04, 2006)  

Hey...I just found your site (I don't even remember what I came here looking for in the first place, lol)

So cool. I'll definitely be coming back to see what other things you come across :P.

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