magic meringues

A new-traditional Xmas food at my house is meringue mushrooms. They look pretty, taste pretty great and are also pretty easy to make - the hardest part is getting the meringue thick enough, but not too thick, to make the stalks. Of course this year, things weren't really so easy, since the icing syringe we use decided to break, and the meringue mixture was oozing out all over the place. Martha would not have approved. But a few McGyver moves (and a rubber washer) later, we had it patched up just enough to get through the batch.

To make your own, here's Martha's recipe for meringue mushrooms. Mmm.

Lindsay  – (January 03, 2007)  

Sweet, a recipe for your mom's mushrooms! Dang, I love those things. I always have to restrain myself from eating twenty of them when I'm at your house.

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