san francisco, city of hugs

Actually, make that "city of hug". Singular. One really, really BIG hug.

Visual artist Michelle Blade is organizing a huge hug-in. If you're in San Francisco this Saturday, January 27th at noon, get in on the love, when dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of people will gather together with arms outstretched.

People will be grouped by the colours they're wearing, so the visual effect will be even greater. All the love will be filmed for a video project, and a potluck will follow. Sounds lovely.

Balloon Toss by Michelle Blade

Get all the details here. Also be sure to check out Michelle Blade's captivating artwork. Many of the pieces featured on her website deal with similar themes as the hug-in: groups of people participating in trust falls (where you close your eyes and trust someone else to catch you), gathered in crowds, or climbing mountains together.

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