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Thanks to a reader for reminding me of Thumbtack Press... Siobhan had posted about it a few months ago, but I forgot! Ah, how I am wont to repeat myself. And others. Anyway, good recommendation.

For instance, this is a nice one.

Siobhan  – (January 20, 2007)  

I bet Vince likes those prints, too! :)

Everyday_Artday  – (May 24, 2007)  

hello..i'm just happen to search 'silk-screen' and i stumbled upon your site...would you mind telling me where you took a course? thanks...I love your work :)

Anonymous –   – (May 24, 2007)  

Hey there, Everyday_Artday. Those prints in the post are not mine (I wish they were!) - they're by Thumbtack Press.

If you're looking for a course, try checking at your local art school, or possibly at a college or community centre.

Also, here's a list of silkscreen tutorials online:

And also see this new one on the Make blog:

It's weird, I was just going to post about that new tutorial today.. how did you know? :)

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