craft boxing championships: aww vs awe

Today in the craft boxing championship ring, it's a serious face-off between aww and awe.

First up: aww. (Also pronounced "awwwwwwwwwww...")

Baby birdie booties by Hello Pretty City. A cute pair of fuzzy slippers for an even cuter cartoon bird!

And ... competing for the winning title ... in the other corner of the ring: awe.

A miniature origami pegasus constructed by Ken Furukawa in Vancouver's Occupied shop. He's just over one inch tall! (Pegasus, not Ken.)

Ok, folks, who do you think should win this round? Aww or awe? Cast your vote in the comments section.

Anonymous –   – (March 24, 2007)  

Definitely the paper pegasus. Look at those hocks!

Bumbershootska  – (March 24, 2007)  

The booties are kinda cute but Pegasus has my vote

Lindsay  – (March 25, 2007)  

I have to vote for the AWE, too - even that lil' guy's shadow looks cool. Plus, how the heck did he do that? With tweezers?!

Anonymous –   – (March 25, 2007)  

i have to go with aww. the simplicity of the bird and the fuzzy booties are great...makes me want to rub my fingers over it.

pamela  – (March 26, 2007)  

i vote for pegasus.
waay cool.

Anonymous –   – (March 26, 2007)  

Some, awe. Please.

Anonymous –   – (March 28, 2007)  

Gee, it's a tough decision... but I think my vote goes to Awe

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