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Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone!

I just heard today that St Patrick's real claim to fame is driving all the snakes out of Ireland. But according to wikipedia this is just a legend - and paleontologists say there never were any snakes in Ireland to begin with - or possibly a metaphor for converting the pagans to Christianity. And just when you really don't know who to believe anymore, it turns out that St Patrick's real name was Maewyn.

None of this has much to do with leprechauns or green beer.

So, to celebrate a holiday in which we're not even really quite sure who or what we're celebrating at all, here are instructions on how to make green eggs and ham.

The important thing is that they're green.

Anonymous –   – (March 19, 2007)  

I read a lot of craft blogs. In fact, it's pretty much all I do. But I have to say that Magpie and Cake is far and away the best one I've found. It has a freshnes and irreverence that other… oh, all right, it's the only one I've seen. But it is still very cool.

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