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Hey everyone, sorry for the lull. Lindsay has been working away on her thesis (send her your good/happy/smartypants vibes!), while I was away in Banff for a short break. (Life's not fair, Lindsay, I know.)

While in Banff, I saw a lot of real, live magpies - though never had my camera with me when they were around! Boo! This is the only magpie I got a picture of...

I also want to send out a big thanks to Whip Up for their lovely words about us. We have a blogcrush on you, too.

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Heather  – (April 17, 2007)  

Ahhh, the Stump. I have spent many a night and drunk many a margarita in the Stump. After spending almost a year in Banff, I know it well. :)

Now I have a craving for a triple margarita in a jar, and some peanuts.

Anonymous –   – (April 18, 2007)  

Hey, there's Siobhan's bag!

Hey, there's Siobhan!

Anonymous –   – (April 19, 2007)  

Rycrafty - I'm glad to have brought back some margarita memories!

James - Yes, that's the correct order of things. I've come to terms with it. At least it's a nice bag!

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