craft boxing championships: aww vs awe! round 2!

Ding ding ding!

It's time for another round of Aww vs Awe!

In the first corner, we have a new contender for Aww: upholstered tree stumps by Madelon Galland. Making the city a prettier place, one dead tree at a time. (You can learn how to upholster your own tree stumps right here.)

And the challenger for Team Awe: stacked chairs by Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo. This is why musical chairs and Jenga do not mix.

Who will win Round 2 of Aww vs Awe?
Will cuteness prevail? Or will astonishment continue its reign?

Vote now in the comments section below!

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Lindsay  – (May 26, 2007)  

Chairs! Look at all the chairs!
Aww doesn't stand a chance.
Building tooth-gap full of wooden chairs!

oolawoola  – (May 28, 2007)  

the chairs! I am a sucker for crafty things - but the chairs are awesome!

Alice  – (May 28, 2007)  

Yep, I think the chairs too.
I actually like tree stumps the way they are and usually they're pretty comfy to sit on just how they are.

Anonymous –   – (May 28, 2007)  

Chairs definately the chairs!!

Michele  – (May 29, 2007)  

I have to go with the chairs. I literally had a jaw dropping moment. So cool.

Heather  – (June 01, 2007)  

I have to agree with everyone else
not a HUGE fan of the tree stump idea, probably because i never see them around where i live...

Anonymous –   – (June 04, 2007)  

The chairs are breathtaking, wouldn't be able to help gawking at them if I ever walked by something like that. My vote goes to the chairs.

Anonymous –   – (June 07, 2007)  

Yep, the chairs for me too. wow! where is that?!!

Anonymous –   – (June 07, 2007)  

i don't think i can decide. i have seen both of those images before and they have both inspired me in different ways. they chairs definitely elicit more of an "oh my god! those are amazing" sort of reaction than the stump though.

Anonymous –   – (June 07, 2007)  

massive pile of chairs = AWE!!!

upholstered tree stumps = twee

Anonymous –   – (June 07, 2007)  

Go chairs!!

Anonymous –   – (June 08, 2007)  

Loving this! Keep on keepin' on, brilliant!

Anonymous –   – (June 09, 2007)  

Definitely the chairs. Awe will get me over Aww any day. I appreciate that we are voting on reasonably comparable things.

mjb  – (June 21, 2007)  

i vote for the tree stump! but it looks like i'm losing.

Anonymous –   – (June 22, 2007)  

While I'm loving the upholstered tree stump, I'm just amazed that they're able to stack up all those chairs without any off them coming loose or falling over! Whoa!

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