orla kiely I love you

I am in love with these chairs that are on display at Orla Kiely’s flagship store in London. And the things that are available at the online store! Gah. I'm on the verge of pining away to virtually nothing. [via]

Anonymous –   – (July 10, 2007)  

I love the red chair!

Did you see that you can get an Orla Kiely tent, too?!

Anonymous –   – (July 10, 2007)  

PS. Before you get too attached, check out the prices. The pillows are £165, so I can only imagine how much a whole chain must be!

Anonymous –   – (July 10, 2007)  

Oops, I meant "chair", not "chain". Whatever, it's still expensive. :)

Lindsay  – (July 11, 2007)  

I know. I have to love her from a distance. She's out of my league! But oh, so beautiful.

(A pillow for £165?!)

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