plush you! 2008!

Plush You! starts tomorrow! Since 2005, Seattle's Schmancy store has been hosting an annual exhibition of plush, softies, stuffed toys, or whatever you like to call them.

You can spy a few of the super softies in Schmancy's flickr set. Above is a cotton monster by Cotton Monster.

But I'm pretty sure there are going to be more items in the show, as I've already spied a few awesome photos in my contacts' flickr streams, including this fabulous entry by Hine (note the three cameras and three legs!):

Also this beautiful rhino beetle by Beetlegirl Design:

For more info on Plush You!, check out the website, blog and Schmancy's flickr.

And if you're in Seattle, be sure to prep by reading Schmancy's list of crafty shopping destinations in Seattle (which also includes tips on where to get cupcakes).

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