long live polaroids

Polaroid may have stopped making film, but that doesn't mean you have to stop making Polaroids.

Poladroid is a free downloadable program that turns your regular old digital pics into old school wonders.

I really like some of the features that keep it connected to the real-world Polaroid experience: the paper has that classic texture; you can add fingerprints and smudges to the photo; you have to WAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIT for the photo to develop - digital does not mean instant! - and, best of all, while you wait you can shake the photos around on your desktop.

You know, shake it like a polaroid picture. Yes!

Michele  – (November 13, 2008)  

Oh I was SO excited to try it but :( no Windows version yet!

Thanks for the link though, I'll be checking back for updates!

Emilia Jane  – (November 18, 2008)  

so. excited. must. leave. work. and. download.

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