craft rock friday with jason bajada

Today's Craft Rock Friday is a shout out to my friend, Jason Bajada. His new album, Loveshit, just came out this week. It's lovely - you should really rush out and get it.

And for the "craft" component of today's Craft Rock Friday? Well, creating a replacement heart could arguably count as a craft. Not one that I'd like to take up as a long-term hobby, mind you.

Here's also a mini-doc that gives you behind the scenes look at how they made the video:

You can hear a few more tracks on Jason's MySpace and catch up on his Tumblr blog. Jason was also recently the National Post's Band of the Day (complete with cute photo) and is stacking up the good reviews from people like Exclaim. Nice work, J.

PS. Jason will be on CBC Radio's Q today - tune in at 10 am or 10pm to rock out to some heartbreak.

DD  – (February 20, 2009)  

I found you via Art for Housewives--first time ever hearing Jason Bajada's music! Gorgeous--love this video too! I am gonna link to you on this post!

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