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There must've been something in my horoscope yesterday about nesting. In a really, really short span of time, I came across a kazillion homes I would like to live in. Ok, so by a kazillion, I mean five. But still. I had to stop checking my RSS cause it was just getting silly.

First up was Mariah Gardner's home in San Francisco, decorated in a style she calls "eclectic mid-century farmhouse". She says her fave element of here home style is "The way all the curios, plants and furniture pieces fit together to form interesting vignettes". I'd have to agree on this one. Homes that tell stories - through the associations carried in objects' history as well as in their association with other objects - those spaces are infinitely more interesting and charming than ones decorated with items just because they match.

Next up was a less cluttered option, presented in Design Sponge's house tour with Lisa Wong Jackson (aka Good on Paper) in Berkeley. She's got a gorgeous mid-century modern house with amazing light. She also has a Boston Terrier is called Pixel. Oh, jealous.

The third home that caught my eye wasn't even a real home. It's a spread from an Anthropologie catalogue. But still. But still.

And at this point, things went from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Maybe I could live in a modern tipi on the front lawn?

Or in a big concrete block in the forest?

These all seem like pretty darn sweet options.

Where would you want to live?

Anonymous –   – (February 05, 2009)  

No question, the library with loft and all those impossibly fussy to clean window panes. Just gorgeous and perfect.

Anonymous –   – (February 09, 2009)  

that's so freaky--that you are talking about homes that tell stories. I was just thinking about the old buildings in cities and the stories that they might tell. How would they convince people to move back into them?

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