craft rock friday with lisa hannigan

Lisa Hannigan has already been on Craft Rock Friday, and she's back already! Which is not so surprising, really, considering her craftiness is infused through her new album - from the name, Sea Sew, to the knitted and quilted artwork. (The wooly background on her website was knitted by her mom.) Not to mention, Lisa is utterly charming.

In her video for "I Don't Know", Lisa curls up in an armchair to sing and work on some paper cuts. Before long, she ends up in a magical little paper forest.

I saw her perform this song on Colbert Report, where she was playing the harmonium. It looks like a tiny piano that you pump by hand, similar to an accordian - which is perfectly suited, both in sound and in charm, to Lisa's music.

Also be sure to listen to the lyrics of "I Don't Know". I think we've all been there.

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