craft rock friday with devendra banhart (again!)

This week's Craft Rock Friday serves up yet another dose of Devendra Banhart. Back-to-back Banhart. Can you handle it?

The video for "A Ribbon" gives props to something that's in everyone's craft stash - yup, you guessed it, ribbons. But that's not all: the craft-love continues with cute lil' fabric fish, birds, flowers and mushrooms - plus a truly lovely glowy paper house.

Nice work, Devendra. Real nice.

Lizette  – (May 22, 2009)  

Hi Girls, I love this video. I think you also have to give credit to Lauri Faggioni who (I think) directed this video and made all the creatures. She also worked in The Science of Sleep :) Thanks!

Siobhan  – (May 22, 2009)  

Thanks Lizette! The Science of Sleep is such an amazing movie, too.

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