yarn bombing at the community garden

Vancouver is under attack. By yarn.

Here are some photos from the Davie Village Community Garden at Davie and Burrard in Vancouver ... It's been yarn bombed!

I think this is the perfect place for a little guerilla craft: the bright colours of the yarn complement the blooming plants, flowers and veggies, and gives the whole place even more of a cozy, community feel.

If you wanna see more yarn bombing, visit YarnBombing.com, the companion blog for the Yarn Bombing book coming out this Fall.

On the blog, they cover yarn bombing round the world - for instance, check out this ridiculously, awesomely over-the-top wool attack in London done by a group called Knit the City. Here's the story of how they did it. I saw an advance copy of the book last week - it looks great. You can sneak a peek, too: here's a PDF excerpt.

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