can i tackle a jacket?

I wonder if my sewing skills are good enough to tackle a jacket?

Burda's got some sweet patterns for Fall jackets.


Rhiannon  – (August 25, 2009)  

They take time (and a certain amount of precision) but you can totally do it!

Alice  – (October 19, 2009)  

Sure they are! I have confidence in you!

tamdoll  – (November 14, 2009)  

Those jackets DO look inspiring. Why not just try and make one? It's worth the try at least. I haven't made an adult-sized jacket in years (like 20), but I think it's doable!

Alice  – (November 15, 2009)  

Did you ever go any further on this? My fave. is the top middle one.

siobhan  – (November 15, 2009)  

Alice - No, I haven't got round to this yet... Never enough time. Though I am on a bit of a knitting kick right now.

Unknown  – (November 23, 2009)  

I want to make their fall cape pattern so badly! It's so lovely!!!
And think about sewing this way: It's really just feeding layers of fabric through a machine, so as long as you read the directions thoroughly or have your grandma on speed dial you can really tackle any project and succeed! I have faith in you!

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