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A new record has been set. Guinness World Records certified that the world's largest cupcake has been made. It's a 1,224-pound triple vanilla cupcake with pink frosting, and is more than eight times the size of the last record holder. Read the full story here.

But HOLD ON a second... Doesn't the essence of a cupcake -- its "cupcake-ness", for lack of a better term -- doesn't that come from it's small stature? How big does a cupcake have to be before it stops being a "cupcake" and becomes a plain old "cake"? Hmm... Deep questions for a Monday morning...

Also, moving from big cupcakes to the big apple, here's a cupcake tour of NYC, in case you're planning a trip.

Unknown  – (August 19, 2009)  

As soon as I can get to NYC I'm taking this tour!

Travis  – (October 28, 2009)  

I'm suffering from a lack of cupcakes news. Any advice?

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