l'essentiel, on ne voit qu'avec le coeur

As I was browsing through the whimsical jewellery over at Calourette (the swing pendant posted over at Swissmiss having brought me there), I came upon this ring (also available in silver).

The ring says "inapprivoisée," a French word meaning roughly "untamed," although it seems that the dictionary doesn't think it's a word at all. The fact that the verb is conjugated actually makes it "untamed (fem.)," or "woman who is untamed."

The choice of word reminded me of Le Petit Prince, specifically the part where the Little Prince meets the fox:

- Je ne puis pas jouer avec toi, dit le renard. Je ne suis pas apprivoisé.
- Ah! pardon, fit le petit prince.
Mais, après réflexion, il ajouta:
- Qu'est-ce que signifie "apprivoiser?"
- C'est une chose trop oubliée, dit le renard. Ça signifie "créer des liens..."

Which translates approximately to:
- I can't play with you, said the fox. I'm not tamed.
- Oh! I'm sorry, said the Little Prince.
After a moment, he added:
- What does "tamed" mean?
- It's something often forgotten, said the fox. It means "to make ties..."

So, you can be like the fox and note your lack of being tamed by any one (any man, any woman?) with this ring, I suppose? Am I thinking too much into it? Mostly I just like jewellery and clothing with French writing!

Alice  – (May 09, 2010)  

I like the writing too and it made me think of Le Petit Prince right away as well...however, something about announcing, in a way, that y ou're untamed suggests that you need taming and thus, need someone else to tame you...something about that doesn't fit with me...the French word, I feel, as a nicer connotation than the English word...I've never felt like they really mean the same thing...

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