Craft Rock Friday with Sophie Madeleine

Hello, July!

It's finally full-on SUMMER (please don't let me down now, Vancouver weather!) and it's an extra-long long-weekend for many (Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July!)... so today, Craft Rock Friday comes with an extra helping of sunshine.

And I know just the girl for that.

Sophie Madeleine is completely and utterly charming. Her voice is lovely, her lyrics are brilliant... and did I mention that she plays the ukulele?!

Sophie has the perfect song for Craft Rock Friday: "The Knitting Song"

Lovely, right?

Have a listen to this one -- "Take Your Love With Me" (aka "The Ukulele Song")

Sophie also plays with a partner as Rocky and Balls. Here's their song, "Love Cake"

OK, a couple more! Just to carry you through the long weekend. :)

Rocky and Balls perform "I Heart You Online"

Sophie Madeleine and The Sailor Jerrys' cover of "Goody Goody" (with kazoos!)

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