Marimekko + Converse = Double Love

A great pairing in my opinion! Converse is teaming up with Marimekko to produce a line of shoes with designs from the Finnish fabric superstars.

The Marimekko patterns featured in the sneakers include Tarha from 1963 and Pikkusuomu from 1965 by Annika Rimala and Kirppu from 1980 by Maija and Kristina Isola. Annika Rimala’s modern and original Marimekko designs adorned the covers of international fashion magazines as early as in the 1960’s. In 1967, she was chosen as one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. Maija Isola, important reformer and forerunner in the design of printed fabrics, designed over 500 fascinating fabric prints for Marimekko through her career – one of them being Kirppu, co-designed with her daughter Kristina Isola.

I only wish they included the iconic red floral fabric in the line...

Check out for more fabric fun (and cute dresses!) Plus, you just gotta love a website that lets you search by colour. (Seriously: awesome. All sites should have this feature.)

Ariane  – (February 23, 2011)  

I don't think Converse usually fit me, but these are SOOO cute. <3 Marimekko (but agree, why not the red floral?!?)

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