Hot One Inch Action 2011

Hot One Inch Action is back on again this year, this time hitting up three cities: Seattle (Nov 5), Vancouver (Nov 26) and Portland (Dec 1). If you haven't heard of it before, Hot One Inch Action is an event that that celebrates the 1" button: 50 tiny round artworks are selected, made into buttons and displayed on the walls. You can also buy a bag of buttons at the show and trade them, which is fun and hilarious. Really interesting to see which buttons become hot commodities on the trading room floor!

Submissions for the Vancouver and Portland shows are due by November 16, 2011. Get more info on how to submit here.

For a little inspiration, check out the H1"A Presents video series. They are really lovely glimpses into some artists' studios and processes. This one's about Vancouver artist Arleigh Wood, who mixes photography, painting and printmaking, and there are more online on the H1"A site.

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