boys who knit are hot

Hot in the media, anyway.

(Ok, and just hot, too.)

This month, Bust has a four-page article all about men who are coming out of the knitting closet. (My favourite line: "It always seems like people are surprised boys are going anywhere near a set of needles and not stabbing someone with them.")

Vogue Knitting's current Knit.1 magazine is "the men's issue" and contains somewhat sassy photos of boys with wool, like the one here. (PS. Here's the pattern for the "bear skin rug" he's strewn all over.)

Also read David Demchuk's article on about what it's like to be the only boy in a knitting group.

Some links from the Bust article and beyond:

Han  – (August 07, 2011)  

My husband started knitting yesterday and I was trying to see if there were any male knitting bloggers out there so that he could have visible proof that he's not the only one and it's not wimpy. I know it was a few years ago but do you have a link to the Bust article? The current link just goes to the home page. Thanks.

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