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"Excuse me," says this lady to the man standing in front of her in line at Home Depot, "would you mind if I went in front of you? It's an EMERGENCY."

I looked over, expecting her to be buying supplies to repair an exploded water main or a crumbling roof. Instead, she's carrying two ceiling-mount track lights and a quasi-chandelier... What kind of emergency can she possibly have? "Oh no, suddenly it's too dark!"... "Dear god, my lighting fixtures are out of fashion!"... Maybe she thought she was Trading Spaces and had to get her home renovations done within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the guy in front of me in line bought $132.38 worth of lightbulbs.

Maybe they know something that I don't.

Anonymous –   – (December 14, 2005)  

the $132 lightbulb guy might be a filmie. we've completely cleaned out the lightbulbs at a number of stores in the last 4 years, and we've spent thousands of dollars...all on petty cash, of course.

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