there's a tomato on his head

You really can find anything on the interweb, it seems. Someone took pictures of his or her rabbit with various little things (mostly baked goods) on his little noggin. Hilarious, bizarre, and reminds me of stuff on my cat. I got to the two pancakes picture and laughed out loud, but a few photos after that one, that bunny just starts to look ticked off. I mean really - some of these things (giant orange, owl made out of rock, etc.) look quite heavy! Some people's kids, seriously.

Anonymous –   – (January 21, 2006)  

this rabbit is a copy cat!
there used to be a little japanese bunny that did this trick, but he never got pissed off, and his owner was kind enough to only put light items on his head. i can't remember his name, or find his website, but it was really cute.

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