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Welcome to the House of Ingri, home of the the cutest creatures. Cute and so full of sass.

Pictured here are Marty and Francis the love bunny, just two of Ingri's vinyl creations.

I also saw an advance copy of Ingri's book, Me! Me! ABC, which will be out in May. It is too cute for words.

Definitely inspiration to get going on my own toy-making empire. (Speaking of which, I start my Industrial Design Toy Design course in two and a half weeks! Woop!)

Anonymous –   – (February 15, 2006)  

i had dreams of being the head of a toy making empire once......
i wish we had toy design courses here in halifax.

Anonymous –   – (February 16, 2006)  

well, if you start the empire from halifax and head west, i'll start from vancouver and head east...

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