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My friend and superartist Sonny Assu has a solo show opening in Vancouver next month. He's pretty busy these days, so I went over to his place last week to help with his prep for the show, sewing some buttons onto a new blanket piece. Check out some of his previous blanket craftiness here.

Sonny's cat helped with the sewing. He looks cute and harmless here, but the fluffy orange fur only serves to distracts you from his very sharp claws and his very, very sharp teeth. In fact, the bear in Sonny's garage was far less worrying than his cat.

Ok, so the bear is made of fiberglass. It's a Spirit Bear - a project much like Vancouver's orcas and Toronto's moose, which places animals decorated by local artists around town (or, in this case, around province) to amuse the tourists and raise money for charity.

Sony's bear will soon grace (or terrorize!) the streets of Prince George, BC this summer. In the Fall, it'll be auctioned off to raise money for children's charity. You can see some photos of the bear-in-progress here.

Alice  – (March 26, 2006)  

Wow, the bear is gorgeous. And that's very generous of him to give it away like that. It must be difficult to part with your art. I assume that someone else made the bear and gave it to him to paint, right?

Lindsay  – (March 27, 2006)  

Yes, the bears come pre-made, ready-to-paint. Like really big model kits!

Sonny  – (March 29, 2006)  

Hey Hey, you sneeky! I didn't know you had another blog... I was looking at my webstats... I was like what the heck is magpie and cake... at first I stared to get hungy, but then I figured it's probably not about cake at all. I add you to my blog links. Thanks for helping Charlie sew BTW... he was just farting around not sewing and eating the buttons. Crazy ball of fluff. Peace out home girl.

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