There was a "spontaneous" pillowfight in downtown Vancouver yesterday. I didn't bring my pillow as I was still sick with the flu, but I did bring my camera.

It was great - a crowd full of screaming, cheering, smiling people wielding pillows. Go Vancouver!

There's a short movie clip of the flight here, and here's a great flickr set, as well as here. Paf!

Alice  – (March 26, 2006)  

That's hilarious! I wonder how it started...was it planned???

Lindsay  – (March 27, 2006)  

Yes, it was planned - but "secret". It was spread mostly by email and text messages. Fun stuff. I was surprised by the great turnout.

Alice  – (March 27, 2006)  

So you knew about it before, right? Funny. I wonder who thought of the idea...I wonder who cleaned up all the feathers...

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