Got some extra cash sitting around?

"Oh, if only I had somewhere to spend the excesses of money I have lying around in heaps," I hear you saying. Oh yes, I can hear you. I can smell that cash burning a hole in your pocket from here! Well, I've got some suggestions for you. That's right, you can spend money via the interweb.


Atypyk prides itself on creating things for people to buy that are really of little to no use other than to put a smile on your face. (For instance, buttons that look like buttons.) They have lots of great stuff that I've seen featured in a number of magazines, in print and online.

[2] Salvor NYC
Click on "fauna" up in the top lefthand corner.

Love the t-shirts, love the pillows. Cuteness! I'd like a gorilla t-shirt.

[3] Squidfire

Squids and squirrels are the new deer/owl/wolf (i.e. hipster animals). Cuteness!

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