i have a crush on you

[All photos in this entry are by Camilla Engeman, whose work I greatly enjoy. She lives in Sweden, which is no surprise to those who know my crush on the country.]

There's something so amazing about looking into other people's homes. I fall in love with the designs people surround themselves with so easily; I can't imagine ever picking just one style to go with for my home.

Renting makes me feel so temporary about it all... I have to admit, part of me is longing for the time when I can set things up with someone - start from scratch, design and set up every room the way we want it. Starting from the ground up would be best, with an architect to build us just want we want... but more realistically, just painting and organizing will have to do. Find the pieces that are just right.

(Like that lamp? It's David Trubridge's Coral Lamp (see Lighting).)

Also on my crush list: port2port's finds and their letterpress beauties and the colours and details in little birds's home.

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