mmm toasty

The temperature's dropping on this side of the country. Stay warm. Drink tea. Eat toast.

Speaking of which...

Toast is the new weather forecast. This toaster will burn the day's forecast onto your bread. Stormy with nutella.

Toast is the new teddy bear. Toast can be cuddly, too. Just don't get crumbs in the bed. Funfun's toast plush looks angry, while My Paper Crane's toast is happy (and brown) or sad (and burnt) (also raw and moldy).

Toast is the new Hallmark. There's a toaster greeting card for every occasion.

Toast is the new chamelion. Toast your bread to match your plate, using this. It's chic.

Toast is the new kitchen. Well, at least this kitchen is as flat as toast. Pops up when you need it.

Toast is the new doodle. This toaster can draw little images on your morning slice.

Toast is the new pixel. Rodrigo Bruna makes large-scale images by piecing together pieces of strategically burnt toast.

Toast is the new fundraiser. Get your name put on toast. Your toast will get added to a gallery, which then acts a link to your site. The toast profits all go to charity. Warm feelings all round. And your name on toast.

Way to go, toast! We always knew you could do it.

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