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I've been living as a student for so long, moving every few years and staying in an everything-is-temporary mindset. "This is good enough for now," I'm always thinking. "This will do." Yesterday, when I was asked what the best-designed thing in my house was, I struggled to think of anything that was really all that well designed. How is it that I'm so interested in design, and yet do not make any effort to surround myself with well crafted, well designed things? It's not a matter of having more, of owning more, or of buying more - it's about putting a lot of thought into the pieces (furniture, art, accessories, accents...) that make up your personal space. I resolve to begin fixing this now.

As a first step, I've been looking into lovely (and reasonably priced) prints. Art was never something that I allowed myself to spend money on, thinking that I would either never find something I liked enough or that I could/should just do it myself. Excuses, excuses.

Here are some sources:

Little Paper Planes
In particular, I like the treeboat, horsehead hostess, and mountain battles prints. Also, none of the prints currently available by Jillian Tamaki or Katy Horan are quite right for me, but I'm going to keep my eye on those two.

Tiny Showcase
Not much available right now - I'll have to keep checking.

Via the guest blog, it's Design*Sponge's affordable art guide!

Some of the artists I like:
Camilla Engman | Jillian Tamaki | Katy Horan | Amy Ruppel | boygirlparty | kozy 'n dan

Who am I missing? Where else should I look for good prints?

Barbara  – (January 19, 2007) for prints

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